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Codes & Standards Expertise:  

◊ California Building Code

◊ International Building Code

◊ Uniform Building Code   

◊ Historic Building Codes  

◊ Accessibility - ADA

◊ Fair Housing Act

◊ Unruh Civil Rights Act

◊ HUD 504

◊ Means of Egress

◊ Cal-OSHA

◊ Trip & Fall

◊ Waterproofing & Flashing

◊ Stucco and EIFS

◊ Hardboard Siding ID

◊ Moisture Meters & Testing

◊ Windows

◊ Roofing

◊ Vapor Condensation

◊ Solar-Driven Diffusion

◊ OSB vs. Plywood

◊ Qualitative Sampling

◊ 'Building Envelope' Performance

(Building Envelope: The continuous and integrated system of exterior weatherproofing elements at roofs, walls and foundations that resists unintended moisture infiltration and thermal energy transfer.)


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